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Re: De-escalation Tactics?

James Goolsby


Thanks for the response. I agree with you. I guess in a sense what I was asking was for more “field interview” type material. I certainly train the other stuff (sadly, way more than anyone else in my department!) In fact, I’m pretty darn good at going “hands on”, especially since training STDS and GDT. Where I tend to struggle is in my verbal skills. On more than one occasion I have had a Sgt. or Lt. accuse me of being “too verbally aggressive.” They often feel that I am actually talking myself into a fight. Not sure I agree — like Damian points out with the difference between verbal and physical use of force — I think that type of slow-escalation thinking can get you hurt, but that’s what they believe. I was looking for help in that area. Right now my philosophy is ask ’em – tell ’em – make ’em, but that’s not necessarily politically correct in my department.

Hope this makes sense.