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In interview stance, you don’t want to indicate that you’re going to thrash the guy. So keep your elbow up and chin tucked when you’re attacking. It matters most in the initial contact, not so much after you have the momentum, keep him off balance and injure him.

Equipment is a tough thing. First there is nothing that you can dress someone in that you can hit 100% out side of the BULLET MAN. The problem with the bullet man is that it’s TOO big and gives you an unrealistic sense of distance.

We have a Redman Suit and there is NO WAY you can hit that thing with any serious amount of force. I have messed around with the FIST gear and found the same results (good for inexperienced, smaller and weaker people, not so good for the strong, big guys we train with).

The bogu (old fashioned kendo armor modified for karate) is good- it provides mobilitiy and it takes a beating. I still recommend using grappling gloves because the metal and plastic surfaces may cause injury.

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