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Thanks for your service Will and we will get you squared away.

The Family Safe Program is for kids facing larger, determined and often familiar predators. While stranger danger is a concern the vast majority of crimes against children come from peers, parents, relatives and other people who have gained access to kids through their jobs like teachers, coaches, clergy as well as other social services. In this program we teach kid boundaries, communication, being aware of their personal space and NOT to get isolated. Tactically we teach them the same gross motor skills we teach to adults – it has the best chance of working. These methods enable them to get their attacker to pause and then they ESCAPE.

There are specific tactical method of escape (look at SDTS Module 5) and then look at SDTS Module 1, Module 3, Module 9 and Module 11. Module 5 are the methods of escape and evasion – Module 1 is the foundation of the primary SDTS – Module 3 takes those primary skills and shows you how to use them on the ground and Modules 9 and 11 train you in edged, impact and improvised weapons.

In the SDTS all of the instruction comes with the drills needed to perfect the skills.

In the SDC Instructor Program, you will have access to all class syllabi and class structure.

My suggestion is to start with the SDTS right here and go from there. If being an instructor is something you want to do, we can talk about that later.

MMA is fun but it’s not the answer – now don’t get me wrong, the SDTS employs standing and ground techniques – there hasn’t been a decent system in history that didn’t advocate a multi-dimensional approach to self defense – but MMA is no more than answer than wrestling, BJJ, Judo, Kickboxing or all of those combined. Once you start the SDTS you’ll see what I mean.

The work is actually done for you already. You don;t need to create a program, you just need to take it, train it and teach it.