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Yeah Mexico is pretty lawless. Not very stable Government or Citizens.

I think JKDGUY was trying to help ya out. And I am gonna try to help ya out too. Give ya some food for thought and ya do what ya will with it.

Now we dont know the particulars of your circumstances. But in general its a good idea to fight only in self defense or defense of others. And that is a Combatives mind set my friend.Because ever “fight” ya get in can result in your death. In the fight your in today or the fight ya get in the next. Folks retaliate all the time. Ya woop someones ass today get shot the next by a speeding car. Happens every single day here in the states. And I know the same shit goes down in Mexico.

Also when ya start to hurt someone no matter what your INTENTION is other things can happen. Ill give ya an example of case I ran across. There are two kids fresh out of high school and they run across each other leaving a club. The bully from high school starts talking mess to the “Nerd” and well the Nerd loses it because hes catching the same shit again. So he shoots on the bully takes him to the ground , gains the mount, And starts pounding his face in. problem is the dudes head is bouncing off the pavement with each hit. So hes recieving blows from both sides of the cranium. Long story short the bully dies a week later from brain injuries. Was not the Nerd intention to kill the guy just beat the hell out of him. Now depending on his conviction hes looking at 3 years to life in prison.

Anyways ya get the idea. Just giving ya some friendly advice from someone longer in the tooth. When I was young. I would fight for just about any reason including beating a guy down for saying something negative about my appearance. And I bet Damian was the same way at the same point.But with age and experience comes wisdom and I wont strike anyone unless I have too. Peroid. And besides it really does take a bigger man to walk away from a fight and it is to fight!..Wow my first Sensei was right!!! LOL