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Re: don’t ever do this!


As you all probably figured out, WWII hand to hand is a part of the SDTS but doesn’t encompass it to say the least.

The cover, coves from an actual “situation”. In the 70’s Yonezuka was establishing himself as the premier martial artist and all around ass kicker. When he was in his twenties he would literally take on all comers in exhibition matches in order to make ends meet. Because he accepted money for his participation, the Olympic committee revoked his amateur status. The US has yet to capture a gold in the olympics.

Yone (Yonezuka) was also in the habit of importing talent from his homeland. Kimura sensei (Shitoryu Karate Kimura NOT Judo Kimura) was one of those people.

Kimura lived at the dojo and began the Karate program that is still in existence today. As you can imagine, two athletes, both in their prime, sitting around the dojo eventually stumbled on to the argument which is better, Judo or Karate. An argument that can never be answered (that’s for another post).

So finally, they decided to settle it. Kimura’s karate vs. Yonezuka’s judo. You should note that Yone’s karate is top notch so he clearly had it over Kimura. But Kimura, despite his small stature hit like a Mack Truck. One sports write at the time compared his reverse punch to a heavyweight boxer.

So there they were, squaring off. Yonezuka assumed a stance that was more “cover” than attack. One arm covered his chin, elbow pointing at Kimura, with his hand braced against his shoulder. The other arm was across his mid-section, covering his solar plexus and rib cage. Clearly Yone wanted to create the opportunity to get his hands on the hard hitting Kimura.

What happened..I’ll never tell out of respect for both men, but the two remained close friends until Kimura’s untimely death.