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You do not start the technique with the weight all forward. You may end up that way somewhat, according to your committment.

There are two different “stances”. SDTS doesn’t have a stance, but it does have a suggestion of how to distribute your weight. When you are figuring things out in a fight (escape or evasion module) your stance is more 50/50 if I remember correctly. You are not sure if your are going to fight or flee. When you are committed to attacking, as in the early modules, your weight is more forward slightly. You rear leg has your heel off the ground a little. This acts as a spring. When you are ready to move, pick up your lead foot and push with your rear foot. This will propel you forward. This is in some martial arts as well, but they usually like to slide with their lead foot. Remember, this lead knee is popping up for a simulatneous strike with your elbow or whatever else you are doing above the waist. You will catch your balance when you make contact with your opponent (or BOB) and you stomp your lead foot down. If you start with your weight on your rear foot, you will have to transfer your weight before you can move. This telegraphs and wastes time. Also, someone may surprise you with a push, which will make you off balance if your weight is rearward. If your weight is slightly forward, their push will be less effective and you may have time to react to it completely. A reaction if you was rearward would eb to shift your weight forward, where it should have been anyway.

This is not a wide foot placement, BTW. My feet are never more than shoulder width apart initially. I am not giving an aggressive appearance or trying to telegraph I know anything. They may get wider when the blows start, but not initially.

Now, after your first stomp, your weight may be forward. If you hit your guy good, he may be flying back and you may have to run him down. You may want to now take your rear leg and stomp forward with it, changing stiking sides. I generally box step, which is I’ll bring my rear leg to where my forward leg is them stomp again with the same forward leg. It is Wing Chungish but it is what I do. I don’t like switching lead legs because there is a period of time (though small) where my groin is probably open for a strike. If I box step my stomps my groin stays more protected, in my opinion. I am also keeping my strong side constantly forward and striking. My weak hand is up by my temple just in case anything comes flying in from him or I want to slap his guard down. Hope this helps. Module 5 will cover this well. And explain the differences.

If you are striking air while doing this, it does feel very awkward. You have to be hitting something. It doesn’t feel real good on BOB either. Since BOB doesn’t step backwards but more falls over, your feet get tangled with BOBs base a little. It is better with someone holding a medicine ball or some thick striking bag. They’ll go backwards and you can see the effects almost for real. You’ll understand what I mean by running them down.

I once was teaching a “use the wall as your friend class” and showing how to throw elbows with your back to a wall. You can generate amazing force with this. A student did this to me before I told him to go and was braced. He literally sent me flying over 10 feet back on my butt. Yeah, sometimes you have to run them down.

Let me know if I can help some more. Maybe Damian will come in and explain this better or correct anything I may have said wrong.