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You see from the SDTS what I mostly carry. Wink

I used to have a carry permit in NJ when I was body guarding – the primary weapon is my Sig P228 (9mm). Back up or casual “off duty” would be something along the lines of a Smith and Wesson M&P 340. Hammerless, High Caliber Revolver. chances are you’re going to be at close range and right on top of the target – probably even grappling so you want something that will fire even if he grabs it. Plus being hammerless it has less of a chance of getting caught on something.

Think of it as a combination of ranges and escalation.
I like having a spray for longer distances. Just like in Module 8, if someone steps to you and your family – juice em and go.
An impact weapon like black jack and or SAP gloves to give me a scalable use of force. Believe me when I tell you, the black jack is like knock out in a bottle Laugh.
Finally edged weapons like a neck knife or boot knives.

Tactical pens are great and I love me flashlight/stun gun combo.

Below is a great list of stuff.

I should note, what you wear and where you are will determine what you can carry.

Happy Holidays!

Module 5
Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray Trainer
Pepper Spray Key Ring
Same Size Pepper Spray Trainer
Personal Alarm

Module 9


Push Dagger
Neck Knife

Fighting Knife
Boot Knife

Module 11
Black Jack
Spring Kosh
SAP Gloves
Straight Razor
Tactical pen:

Other Products
Flash Light w/Stun Gun
Flash Light