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Re: fighting mindset


Hope I am not stepping on anybodies toes here sir!!!

I do a lot of topic discussion on the development of the proper mindset on my site (see signature for direction).

The one thing I can tell you right now is that it is not about competition – it is about survival. That is unless you are planning on going real time to gain experience as a tough guy.

Once we come to grips with this one fact alone we beginning to understand that the event is not about winning, the event is not about fighting, it is about ending the event ASAP and surviving to live another day.

Which means there are no rules, there is no fair and just play, it is straight balls to the walls, him – down – now. It is this attitude,[b:xsuy0uox]” I will bit your face off or die trying.”[/b:xsuy0uox]

This is something that many martial artist and combat sport competitors never fully grasp and they get their behinds kick and die because of it every stinking [b:xsuy0uox]year[/b:xsuy0uox] after [b:xsuy0uox]year[/b:xsuy0uox], after [b:xsuy0uox]year.[/b:xsuy0uox]

The second piece of advise I have for you regarding mind set is this:

[b:xsuy0uox]DO NOT OVER COMPLICATE THE PROCESS[/b:xsuy0uox]. Self-defense/personal protection is not about cognitive skill process’es – it is about aggressive action.

Remember, fighting ain’t smart to begin with – [b:xsuy0uox]”You Can Die.”[/b:xsuy0uox]

In case you are not aware: forget the fine motor skill; you will not be able to track while the adrenal hormone is running through your veins.

Forget the complex motor skill to:

The only skills you can actually bank on (especially being uninitiated) are gross motor skills. Such as you find here. In point of fact they are the only ones that are not adversely effected by the release of the adrenal hormone – and depending on your particular training mechanism’s can actually be enhanced by it.