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Re: fighting mindset


I agree and also disagree sir.

Many atheletes, especially pure martial artist tend to over-complicate the situation. Plus our ability to compete in a closed environment does not guarentee our ability to respond in an open environment.

I agree that training does help, especially the confidence level of the individual but we both know that the environments are extremely different.

The will to committ real violence is no longer a natural reaction (thank God for society and law). We have both did our fair share of fighting and we both know that even on the street “real intent is often missing”

This is competion – inflict enough pain to make the other back down – in order to ensure victory. “That is not violence.” That is Monkey Dancing.

Competition, Monkey Dancing and Real Violence all hold different mindsets.

Just something to ponder.

P.S. Like the new design on the site – have been out of the loop for a few with computer problems. Brought 2 new ones (laptop and desktop) the site looks very clean, cutting edge and the header is spot on.