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Re: From Russia With Love


Mr. Kickenasstakennames was referring to a Mr. NJScribe here, who Mr. Kickenasstakennames has also fixated on in his emails to me. Why complain to me? Not sure. But I’ll say this to NJScribe: What the hell is wrong with you, kind sir? You’re supposed to destroy assholes and not eat them out. Get it together, man!

What you can’t have fun with the illiterate little troll? I don’t waste my time with his like, but rather see how far the absurdities will go, because there is no winning an argument with a moron, and everyone is a lot of talk on the Internet, and I’ve yet to meet any of the tough brawlers, fighter pilots or mercenaries who’ve threatened me over the years. All they want is a forum to rant in because nobody they actually know wants to hear it any more.