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Re: Good News and Bad News…

Dallas Williams

Archie I hope you can convince your girl to take up training with the SDTS as James’ wife finally realized how important self defense training is. As you said you always might not be there to protect her and what is she to do if you’re not around when something goes bad? It’s good that she’s skilled with a gun but it’s most important especially for women for them to have the hand to hand combat skills to be able to fight with their bare hands if need be and retain control of their gun to keep it from being used against them. And also having the tactical skills to be able to operate aim and fire a firearm under the stress of a real life situation and kill the bad guy before they can shoot you or get to you. Guns are great and I’m all for second amendment rights, but they aren’t the be all end all of self defense contrary to what many people believe. And as Damian Ross has said no one should own or carry a firearm unless they have the ability to effectively operate and use and retain control of one under a wide variety of violent situations and that it should be a vital part of every firearms training course rather than just being trained how to carry, load, and fire a gun at the range. As we saw with the George Zimmerman case, his lack of situational awareness and lack of hand to hand combat skills to back up his firearm ownership nearly cost him his life…both on the street and in court lol.