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Re: Guy Gets Zapped – Cops waited too long.


@James Goolsby said:
1) Only one person should be giving direction. True or not, this guy’s attorney will argue that so many people were yelling at him that his client was simply “confused” (I speak from experience here.)”Wink

ABSOLUTELY!!! One person directs traffic the others enforce it. Take the position of advantage, line up your shot and take it.

The chatter in the background is only confusing and let’s the sub know you’re nervous. Get ready to mobilize – if you’re talking you’re not going to engage. Under stress your mind becomes hyper focused.

That’s why you have one officer commanding and asking the questions. As soon as that guy doesn’t comply to ANYTHING – BAD DOG – put him down a bit.

Each little step is a test. He’s pushing the boundaries.