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Don’t worry, we’ll hold a space for you in June no matter what.

when I stumbled into the SDTS content in 89 I had the same exact reaction you did “why the hell didn’t I think of that”. This is one of two reactions. The other is “that can’t possibly work.”

When you’re searching for the truth you give reaction 1. When you’re trying to justify your past decisions you give reaction 2.

This is the same reaction that people have when confronted with the truth. There will always be people who GET IT and people who are not ready or incapable of getting it.

Imagine if Jesus popped up in Times Square and started converting water into wine. How many people would believe? How many people would doubt? How many people would hold on to their beliefs?

Martial arts and self defense are exactly like religion since it deals with mortality subject matter. People invest time, money and faith in their system.

To me self defense is more like science (though I don’t believe science and faith are separate). It’s analytical and based on fact and physics. It has a high percentage of success or a low percentage of success. Self defense wither takes long to learn or is simple and easy to learn. It can be learned by the vast majority of people or a few people. The SDTS was built for simplicity, ease of use and effectiveness. It might not impress too many people on youtube, but hey, that’s not where I do my fighting.

Regarding the wonderful world of the net…everyone has an opinion and everyone is an expert. I do however enjoy taking these knuckleheads to task and confronting them. Its my guilty pleasure. The HATE MAIL section is completely self indulgent and of course comical.

Anonymity removes accountability. Calling yourself “ultimate death machine” and having an avatar of MAD MAX will never get you taken seriously. Years ago on Bullshido (the strong hold of the Deranged Public Restroom Syndrome) there were guys who were “coming down to my studio” to see how good I really was.

Guess what happened…NOTHING. It never does. In the 20 years of having a retail studio I never had a “challenge”. This is very disappointing since I kind of trained for it.

After all is said and done a lot more is usually said than done. Most people like to talk, few people take the walk.

Lastly, the problem with the net is that it’s in writing (which makes it more believable) and it comes up on a google search, which adds credibility to the unsubstantiated statements. So most research on a particular subject in based on an opinion of someone you have never met on statements that are never verified. The opinion your reading may just be (and usually are) the rantings of a deranged lunatic. That’s why you have to find out for yourself.

This is the reason I offer the free trial. So I can cut through the bullshit and get the product in your hands. If you’re ready and your serious, you’ll like it. If not, send it back and have a nice day.

Information is too much, too fast and unsubstantiated. This is a huge problem.