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Well, given your generosity, I now feel duty-bound to attend. I’ll send the registration in a week or so.

The curse of the internet is also it’s blessing. Yeah, everyone can write their opinions, supported or not. But I love reading the diversity of opinion, and sorting through it.

The media hates the internet for this reason; they no longer have a monopoly on the ideas we all have access to.

And the whole point of the internet is to expose yourself to as much as possible, thereby gaining a more well-rounded perspective of reality. Not everyone has to be a Ph.D. to make me think.

I find that Truth resonates. It has a power. It’s like God has put an encrypted authenticator in each one of us, and if we are truly open to the Truth – which means being open to being wrong – then we will recognize Truth when see it. Or read it.

The blessing of the internet outweighs the ignoramuses. And, really, we’re all ignoramuses to a degree. But most of won’t admit it.

I believe every single person has a unique take on the Truth – or a different aspect of it – to offer and, therefore, I like hearing from everyone. Even fools can say something absolutely brilliant every once in a while.

For example, I am a political Conservative, so I have a huge list of Conservative blogs and commentators and such that I check out when I have the time. But I also read Liberal sites like the Huffington Post, or Daily Kos, for example.

By the way, a great news site is the Drudge Report, an amalgamation of news articles from around the web. This, to me, is the future of news; no one organization holding a monopoly on content.

If it wasn’t for the web I wouldn’t have found your company. And I found it on the least likely of sites. Alex Jones is a bit out there, but I find that being open-minded means that I recognize value even when it’s hidden amongst other dubious information.

Anyhow, I appreciate your generous gesture, and I will demonstrate that appreciation by attending. See you the 26th.