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[quote:3909wfed] My greatest regret in life is that I wasn’t able to join the armed forces because I was a colossal dumbass as a kid and racked up a bunch of felonies being a dumbass. [/quote:3909wfed]

Prevail, great post as usual, and you touched on something that bothers people when they evaluate their lives: the road not taken.

When I was a senior in HS I was a highly recruited athlete. One place that had their hooks in me was the Naval Academy. Appointment and all, I was about 80% ready to go. But as fate would have it, I blew out my knee senior year and while the Academy would till take me, I chose not to go and decided to go to Lehigh University, a highly competitive liberal arts school in PA.

For years, I regretted the decision on focusing on sports and not on service. I looked take jobs that earned me a good living and allowed me to train, compete and live in the NYC area.

For years I looked at my knee injury as a setback. But it was just the opposite. If I continued on my path we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I would not have met the people I met, trained where I trained and experienced all that has allowed me to do what I do today. I would not be living the lifestyle I enjoy now and above all I would not have met my wife. In retrospect, my injury was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Who knows what life I would be living, but it sure as hell would not be half as great as it is right now.

Shit happens for a reason. The world is always trying to tell us something. The more significant the event, the louder the world is yelling at us. Hell, losing my father and father in law a few years ago hit us pretty hard, but their time was done on this earth and it is my time to step up. When it comes my time to “get in the box” there will be others ready to take my place (if its worth taking).

We are the sum of our experiences. The world has a plan, it’s our job to figure out what that plan is.