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For years I thought we floated around in the world, no path, no destiny, no real purpose other than to succeed. These were the ideas of ignorance. Nature is build up of systems. Biological, Ecological, everything is in balance and everything affects one another.

Our existence is NOT the exception. It is not random. To think that things happen with out any rhyme or reason is ignorant.

While a child dieing is tragic and no less painful, I have to believe that this happens for a reason in the grand scheme of things. All good and bad happen as part of a system. I don’t grieve less, I don’t celebrate less. Success and tragedy should be celebrated and mourned.

People who don;t believe in a plan, purpose or connection tend to feel less connected and accountable for their actions since they don’t believe in God, a higher force, the subconscious collective or whatever they are calling it these days. They can justify their actions that are self serving and egotistical. They lack humility.

When you find something greater than yourself to give to, the world works. These ideas can be taken to the religious extreme, but then again, that would be self serving.

Life is not an accident and events don’t happen randomly. For every action comes a definite reaction.

BTW, did you read The Alchemist? It talks specifically about this. Even though the author may be crazier than a shit house rat, the book is on the money.