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When I started this forum I did it with HUGE reservations. The obvious purpose was to add a human component to the SDTS and the rest of the SDC programs. I kept the forum public to help generate sales by fielding questions and concerns from non-members and current members alike.

My reservations were obvious as well since most forums usually become overrun by trolls, haters and perpetual adolescents. Since you never know who is on the other keyboard, some times you would find yourself in an argument with a 12 year old. Needless to say there were more cons than pros.

We’ve done a pretty good job of eliminating some of the riff-raff. There are times I’ve kept them on longer because I still try to give someone a chance even though they don’t have a clue but all in all we’ve been pretty good up until now.

Prevail, I’ve got to tell you your posts are well thought out, well written and insightful. There have been times where you’ve posted and I could not have said it better myself. I think a lot of the longer members on the board will agree, you are a welcome addition to the forum and have raised the bar.

So in short, thanks for your contributions…now I have to go it something to get the love fest out of my system.