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You know, I was slightly embarrassed after my last post, because I re-read it and I’m thinkin, “Dear God, I just wrote a frickin novel here. I gotta cut it back a bit.” One problem is the fact that I type 60+ words a minute, so I can get carried away with the volume if I’m not careful.

Anyhow, one reason I added my picture is because I hate the anonymity of the internet. People become tough guys and general assholes because there’s no restraint. My picture is up so that you know I’m not afraid to put my damn face behind what I say.

I have a term for the way the evil lurking in peoples’ hearts seems to bubble to the surface on the net: Deranged Public Restroom Syndrome. I call it this because the same trash and wanton filth you see spewed on the internet is the same crap you see in public restrooms written on the walls.

The point is that when no one is around your true self comes out. I’ve taken to writing inspirational benedictions, blessings, and positive messages on bathroom walls to counteract the trash. That’s who I am when no one’s looking.

I’ve been tempted to respond with obscenities on the web a few times. Then I realize it’s pointless.

I mean, just check out YouTube. If you don’t like a guy’s video, just click away. Is it really necessary to leave obscene, bigoted, and all around nasty comments?

I enjoy this forum because I find it to have substance. I do not really post stuff on the net, although I used to have a blog which I quit doing because it took way too much of my time. I actually tried video posts first because, believe it or not, I actually hate writing. I prefer talking off the top of my head. I hate writing, but I really like inspiring others. I realized video posts are inconvenient because you can’t just skip through them like you can with written posts. Information that’s not quickly accessible might as well not exist.

By the way, if I am able, I intend to make it to your seminar the weekend of June 26/27. Your last email makes it 7 seats left.

Anyhow, I must say, it really is an honor to have come across the SDC. I like how non-chalant the name is; you didn’t try to pick some lame name for it. I refuse to watch any movie whose title contains the word “ninja.” Same idea.

It’s a bit odd, because I rely a lot on my instincts. And something clicked in my head when I came across the SDC link on the Alex Jones site. By the way, that makes it even weirder because Alex Jones and friends are often out on the deep end of reality, and I usually don’t check that site out. But I remember coming across another self-defense system that was priced at like one/tenth of yours, but my instincts told me no-go. Then, for some reason, I had no problem dropping $500+ or whatever it was on your whole series – not including the Guardian thing, which I haven’t gotten to yet because I’m trying to methodically work my way through the discs in the proper sequence.

Like they say, “real recognizes real,” and I’ve developed a pretty decent sixth sense about things and people.

Without having met you, I’m confident in stating that you’re an honest, honorable person. I respect that to the fullest.

It’s the simplicity of the SDTS that really gives it it’s credibility. I am still amazed at how powerful yet simple the concept of the drop step is. That is utter genius. It’s so simple I thought, “why in the hell hadn’t I thought of that?” I mean, the drop step is truly a brilliant thing. Like I said, with the drop step you could tie my hands behind my back, and I’m confident I could do real damage with my head, shoulders, hips, and legs. I cannot overstate how important that one single, simple, brilliant technique is.

Really, it could even be applied in MMA as well. In fact, many of the SDTS techniques could. I wonder why they don’t opt for the ground position you have in module three. I saw GSP use it against Hardy to get back on his feet after Hardy had managed to get on top of him. I mean, you have no ability to maneuver with both legs flailing in the air like a damn turtle.

I like to say that when a genius says something it’s so simple that you think, “why didn’t I think of that?” but when an intellectual says something you think, “what in the hell did that guy just say?”

There’s no question in my mind that the SDTS is the most efficient and effective self-protection system. Not only that, but it is superbly organized, and is not just a mish mash of techniques. Very clear, very simple, very methodical. Anyone can use this.

I’m going to get your Family Safe DVD at some point in the future and give it to my daughter and ex-wife (she has custody). I don’t even need to know what’s in it to know that it’s top notch. Such is the benefit of a good reputation and character.

I better stop now before Obama’s internet Czar starts redistributing my words to people who don’t have as many words.