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I would like to second the sentiments expressed by Mr. Ross. I have the utmost respect and honor for America’s soldiers. Yes, the same soldiers that air raid villages and kill women and children according to John Kerry.

My greatest regret in life is that I wasn’t able to join the armed forces because I was a colossal dumbass as a kid and racked up a bunch of felonies being a dumbass.

Did I mention that I used to be a dumbass? Still am on occasion.

I actually wanted to be a Navy SEAL. And not because of the mystique or the glamour or crap I’d seen in movies, but because their training was the most grueling. To me it would have been like winning the Olympics. And imagine having the honor of working with a bunch of guys with my work ethic. Couldn’t have imagined a better job. Unfortunately, I made a few huge lapses in judgment.

It incenses me to no end to hear people cavalierly denigrate the character and honor of our troops. We have the greatest and most honorable soldiers in the world. Period. They ain’t perfect, but they’re as close as any group of humans can reasonably be expected to come in an imperfect world.

How about the 3 Navy SEALS that were court-martialed for allegedly punching the walking human debris responsible for killing and hanging those four contractors from a bridge.

So to America’s fighting men and women, let me encourage you and remind you of one thing: You possess a trait in only one of you that all your slanderers and libelous loser critics do not.


We have a *volunteer* force. This means that you people willingly ante up with your lives in the battle for and defense of freedom. Not just for Americans, but for the oppressed the world over.

Imagine a world without America – without America’s soldiers to divine ideals for which she stands.

This is truly a horrific vision.

God bless every single one of you.

People may debate whether we should be fighting this war or that war, but it’s really irrelevant because you still fight for what’s right. America is the only country in the world to kick the crap out of her enemies and then give them their country back *AND* pay for them to rebuild it.

And we’re imperialists? It’s disgusting and repulsive to listen to these degenerate elitists speak of your sacrifice in this way.

Iraq was a worthy cause. Don’t ever forget Saddam Hussein being dragged out of a hole in the ground in his underwear. Nobody said that changing regimes was a cake walk. Or that getting disparate groups to a common ground could be mastered with a few tips from Dale Carnegie.

Look at America’s own founding and Revolution. That was a mess. We had the failed Articles of Confederation before the Constitution was born. Only 40% of the population supported the Revolution. Look at the Civil War.

Democracy is a pain in the ass to set up. Dictatorships are so much easier because you don’t have to give a crap about what anyone thinks.

So, my most sincere honor and gratitude to all of you serving America with your lives on the line. NOBODY is putting their life on the line to whine and moan and throw potshots at you.

These people are cowards. They’re not even brave enough to stand up to institutional thinking and peer pressure to risk even the approval of their similarly indoctrinated peers to pursue intellectual honesty. It’s trendy and chic for them to hate you.

Pay them no mind. Screw em all. Do not allow them to dampen your spirits and resolve.

You are honorable men and women without equal anywhere on planet earth.

Happy frickin Memorial Day. You will never be forgotten.