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2012, Awesome! The is no end in an infinite universe. There are massive changes gonna occur, but no end.
Christian Vikings are so stoked about all this! We are all so blessed to be alive in the most interesting time in human history!
The attitude we rock with is the same as my ancestors who heard that the world was flat, and all the water poured off the edge. What did they say? Fuck yeah!!! Lets go find out!
I know enough to say I know nothing. What I can tell you is that the most important thing in the universe is Love. I’m so glad to be on this ride with you dudes.
Here in South Africa, stuff is getting very messed up. Just google “genocide in south africa” and you will see. 90 murders a day. Bring.
Y’all got a muslim president! my stuff, thought USA was a Christian nation?
I will stay here thanks! Machete’s and ak-47’s wielded by savage heathens! Viking dream come true! Y’all would love it here.
Knowledge is power, seek and ye shall find.