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Re: Heading off a Dangerous Situation

James Goolsby

Excellent article. I agree that often we take far too much time to deal with a situation. My assumption is that it is fear based because we’re so afraid of finding ourselves in a “excessive force” lawsuit. My opinion is this:

1) Anyone can be sued by anybody at any time for practically anything;
2) It takes a hell of a lot to PROVE excessive force (LAPD, George Z., etc.);
3) I am going to make it home to see my family, period, whatever it takes;
4) He who hesitates, meditates… horizontally. Forever!

Bottom line, we have got to worry more about protecting ourselves and others and less about the damn lawyers. They CAN’T sue me if I’m dead, so the way I see it, if I’m talking to them from the witness stand articulating my actions, then I’m still breathing and it’s a damn good day. Smile

Stay safe.