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Thanks Archie. I have really been working on the material since I got in a few days ago, and I fully agree with you. Last night at Krav we had the usual drill of one in the center and everyone rushes you. I found that I ended up using SDTS more because I could react faster. To me it worked well and I could turn it on much easier and if the pads were not there I feel that more damage would have been done. Now my instructor is cool and figured that I was reacting with previous training, and since what I did worked he did not complain.

So I am hooked, love the system. One person asked me why I thought the system was so good, my answer is that it works and you use controlled anger, or at least that is what I do, you know the whole hit with hate. If you come into a situation with enough aggression and enough determination you will win or at least get out alive, and if you do not well you gave it your all.