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Well due to my eye problems and the fact that no one here will hire me I have all day to practice and really work the system. Through previous martial arts and my continued practice in Krav Maga I have the hands conditioned, and working on cardio, but as a Firefighter years ago I did singe my lungs a little so sometimes I have problems and need to end a fight quickly because in the multiple attacker drills I lose lung capacity after a few minutes, but then again they do it at the end of class, so I am spent anyway. But SDTS has given me more time to train at home, I can always review and spend most of the day training, and my girlfriend is a great training partner and help, and we even have the kids involved. So I guess we made this a family thing. Being on a fixed income is not easy, but I am ordering a Bob and have bult other things to practice with. Poverty is the mother of invention.