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Hi David, welcome to the inside. With the SDTS you will notice that it is a practical easy to learn self defense system that anyone can learn. No matter age size or disability. From what I read you do have experience in martial arts and self defense, what the SDTS will show you is how to apply what you know into the correct tactics when shtf. What Damian teaches us is that there is no need to learn a thousand different moves to complete one task and that there should be no specific defense to a specific threat which I love. I have done the Krav route and loved it but I just knew something wa missing from that training. I also am a blue belt in BJJ and two terms of Muay Thai under my belt. And after four months now I SDTS I’m hooked and even posted a testimonial on here about an incident with a high school kid a month ago. To put it simply this stuff works. And as my dad said if the moves in this system were good enough for the spec ops units in Vietnam there the best for the street. My father was former spec ops in the Air Force. They learne the exact same stuff tht you will find here. But most of all have fun and train honestly.