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Thanks for coming on board and I have to ask you something…are you REALLY serious about self defense?

I’m going to assume you are because you’re here and I’m going to say something which is the foundation of what we do.

If you can leave your house you better be able to defend yourself.

Being injured makes you more of a target – in fact, being an injured female makes you even more attractive to predators.

The time is NOW where you need to be training and understanding what you can and can’t do.

The SDTS is designed to help you from the cradle to the grave. Modules 5 and 9 are specifically useful for someone in your condition.

The idea of having to be healthy to train is something that has been ingrained in you because of martial arts and fitness. The SDTS is not that.

As mentioned in the 8 criteria of self defense, you need to be able to protect yourself when you’re injured, older or appear to be weak.

The time to start preparing is now. Your enemy will not wait for you to feel better :wink:

Again, I say this to prepare and inspire you.

Heck, even if you sat with your leg up and hit your brick (module 1) it would do wonders.