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Brother George, you’ve got it! When I’ve told someone to stop and not come any closer and I feel threatened that is the point when the talking is done. What my students are trying to grasp is the line in the sand, the take action time to fight. For me my rule of thumb is two arm lengths. Ideally a football field away would be great, but they are looking for what if someone steps out of a doorway or behind a wall etc. and they are face to face with confrontation, that’s what I prepare them for using the described drills. If running away is not an option they want to know when to take action, distance here is the key, so I try to help them find their sweet spot so they are able to react and avoid a sucker punch or be taken to the ground. A lot of times avoidance is not an option it’s bam in your face. Most of these folks have never been faced with making the decision of when to engage. With these drills I try to teach them where to be when they lower the boom, the reaction to contact time. These drills help people find that sweet spot especially those who have no experience with an actual confrontation. Good advice from all of you, hopefully it will help folks understand when to take action. Thanks all,