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There is some history there…

Matt Furey was the first to use Dan Kennedy type marketing to martial arts/fitness people. If you didn’t know Dan Kennedy is the guru everyone has looked at when doing direct marketing businesses, myself included. The techniques do work, and have worked since the beginning of the written word.

If you have an actual product, the techniques and the formula work real well. They did 5 years ago, but then everybody started doing long copy format and pretty much just ripping each other off. The problem is when these guys like Dan Kennedy sell their ideas, the tell you yo don’t need a product. All you need is a good sales letter and a irresistible offer.

Which works in the short run. Then you have to launch your next idea and product and start the process all over again.

Like I said this worked up until about 4 years ago. Then people became internet savvy. They started doing some research on people and companies.

But that doesn’t stop them. Every year there is an information marketing summit where these guys get together.

Matt was the first to use the techniques to sell his first book Combat Conditioning. Which was a solid book of body weight exercises. He also followed with videos and other programs, then he kind of went off the deep end with the whole zen master thing, but at the end of the day it’s all about branding.

I have not sen any of Matt’s material in the past, but he did do some questionable stuff like sell “Lighting Jujitsu” a free, public domain work that you could get for free.

That being said, I don;t know much about what he currently offers but the inner circle, cult of personality is a bit much.

To the best of my knowledge General Crunch knew Matt back in the day and attended one of his seminars in FLA.

What you received was cross promotion, the good old General trying to get more money from his list by cross promoting Furey.

This is something I have not done and probably will not do unless it is something I think you guys would want. But the SDC policy is NO.

As far a business practices, there is so much fine print on those unbelievable offers that I’m reluctant to ever put my credit card info in there.

Next thing you know they’re sending me pills or some shit.