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Can you learn fitness from a DVD program? Can you learn a college degree online? In short, yes.

I agree that unless you have experience, learning from a book is difficult but the SDTS is DVD, training manuals and live support from this forum. The DVD’s give you step by step instructions on how to train the specific skills. Each module has 2 DVDs, one with an explanation and demonstration, the other with how to train the specific skills. The DVD’s are shot in studio with multiple angles and even a jib. The samples you see on the are from the actual DVDs.

The other reason why it works is content. Unlike martial arts and combat sports where you need training partners, the SDTS is requires you to attack your target without any regard. You must train to hit hard. You can’t do this with a partner.

Technically, even though you are training “without a live instructor”, I am your instructor, but instead of having to ask questions take notes and come to class when you can. All you need to do is pop in the DVD and review whatever and whenever you need. If you get jammed up, just log onto this forum and ask your question.

The SDTS works like this:
1. Watch the Instructional DVD
2. Watch the Training and Drills DVD
3. Take your manual and go train.

We show you how to set your training area up on an EXTREMELY limited budget.

When you have questions just come to this forum and ask. If you want lived training you can locate an instructor or come to an SDC seminar.

So while the answer to your question is a YES. The DVD’s and manuals are part of a complete remote learning program.