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Damian wrote:
If you feel comfortable, you’re not learning. Comfort is not to be confused with “natural”. Comfortable is that awkward, hyper-self aware feeling you get when you’re doing something for the first time…you do remember your first time :)?

Learning leads to growth. Growth leads to advancement and evolution. The only way to really learn and grow is to get outside your comfort zone, try and fail.

Failure leads to success. The more failures you have, the greater your successes will be. Most people quit well before they start to see real success. That is why they are most people. Most people think that being uncomfortable and failing is a result of their ineptitude. They think poor performance is due to their lack of natural talent.

Lack of skill is not lack of talent. Skill is modified behavior. This takes time. The more simple the movement or the concept, the easier it is to modify your behavior. The more complicated and convoluted the longer the behavior takes to master. Pretty straight forward concept.

Learning and growing is the key. It leads to self discovery, self improvement and enriches the lives of the people around you. It keeps you young by reminding you of a time when you didn’t know all the answers.

When you stay in your comfort zone your world gets smaller and smaller and gradually shrinks. This is what happens to most people. They hit a point where they work, they live, they basically just exist. Then they reach their 40’s and 50’s and lose their minds. They become depressed, question their purpose in life and wonder is this as good as it’s going to get? They blame their jobs, their spouses and their kids. The count all the missed opportunities and all that they sacrificed so that they could provide a life for their families. The wrap themselves up in self pity and point a finger at the outside world when in reality, they only have themselves to blame.

At the end of the day YOU are the problem. YOU make the choices because YOU decided to play it safe. It’s YOUR FAULT. Not your spouse, not your kids, not your job. Regular people make excuses, exceptional people take action. Taking action requires you to step outside your comfort zone. It could be small at first, making a suggestion at work, taking a pottery class- whatever it is, start small and take bigger steps.

Teaching people to protect themselves is not just about learning to kick ass. In fact, that’s the easy part. It’s a tool to enable people to have more confidence, more self reliance and more self worth. It helps people overcome their fear of the unknown. It’s a major step in the right direction.

Today is the day. Do something you would normally say NO to. Do something a little impulsive. STOP sitting on your ass, get out of your comfort zone and SEIZE THE DAY BY THE CAJONES!!!!

Yep, it’s Sunday Morning and I’m already full of piss and vinegar.

Damian Ross
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Very excellent post Damian….most likely your best. I hope the forum members really let it set in and become theres.

Took me about 30 years to really get this myself and is the one of the foundamentals to building a quality life. My moniker here is the one percenter not as a outlaw biker but as one percentent of the folks that get it.

When I reallyu knew I got this concept when a good friend of mine made excuse after excuse for me about something I failed at….all where true of course…and I smiled at him and said…Dude thats all true but at the end of the day its on me….its my business….besides I have learned alot in this and its more valueable than anything…. We only grow and become stronger in failure…You watch this is gonna be good for me in the long run… He looked at me like clowns had just run out of my ears…. In the end I was right…What I call red lining is ALWAYS good for YOU!