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One thing I would like to add. I used to work on the water. Crab potting, turtling, trapping, oystering, fishing and working in seafood businesses. It’s all I did till I was 20. In fact I really liked it a lot. I was good at it. Working in the seafood business you cook seafood and wait for people to walk in the door.
But then I went to work in the construction business. I ahve to say I hated it so much. All the drunks and dope heads you had to work with. Having to wear a hard hat when it was 100 degrees. I did this for 4 years.
I have to say I’d rather do somethign I loved to do than do something you hate even making a lot more money.
Doing something you hate makes you old fast. You are so miserable. Hoping the place would burn down so you wouldn’t have to go to work that day.