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Re: Ignorance

Anglo_Saxon_Combatant wrote:
the street for sure. You being in Jersey, I bet you’ve had your share of brawls![/quote:1mg7lt23]

Just like anyplace else, if you look for trouble, it will ind you. Believe it or not, I grew up in a nice suburb. Its just that my brother and I had a desire to mix it up. I guess that’s what started this whole thing.

After years of martial arts, I realized that out of all the “dust ups” I would wind up taking a guy own and ground and pound him into oblivion. So then I got to thinking, what the hell am I doing in martial arts. I used to watch the cardio kick boxing classes and think “other than sparring, we’re pretty much doing the same thing.” Fighting air. But we were getting yelled at while they were listening to music.

When I discovered this type of training it hit me. I was only looking to cut through the BS and get to what worked. I had enough character building and discipline to last 3 lifetimes.

That’s why when MMA came about. I liked it, but is was wrestling, judo and kick boxing. Three things I’ve done more than my share of. If I knew this stuff way back when, I would have save myself a lot of time, aggravation and $$$$$. Once I understood the difference between sport and self defense everything became clear.

It all happens in a specific context. Sports take finesse and technical expertise. Self defense is decisive action and broad skill. Its like firearms not fighting. See target, obliterate target, move forward.