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Re: Ignorance


You started this thread because you needed help in an argument about MMA and self defense. We took you seriously. Now that you’re posted this you’re either:
Off your medication
Trying to set up an argument
Just plain stupid

I though about deleting you but….this is much more fun an I’ll do it until I get bored with you. Then I’ll ban you.

First, let me start by saying, I’m right and you’re wrong. Once you get used to this fact, life is a lot easier.

Second, you don’t know exactly what the SDTS is about. You have no idea about content and structure.
Congratulations you’re the quintessential internet poster: under informed and over accessed.

To tel you the truth, I’ll take this argument not to convince you in any way shape or form, but so that the normal guy reading this doesn’t think we agree with you.

For argument’s sake, my guess is that you you picked a couple of mma moves and made a fight happen in your own mind and pictured what someone, or me would do in an mma fight.

Then you suggested that I fight an experienced mma fighter to prove the SDTS system.

Have you read the success stories? Have you seen the people who face life and death everyday who actually use the system say? Pick up a few books (actual books, not forum posts. That is not research).

No of course not, you’re too busy surfing youtube and porn to take the time to actually read them. You would rather have me or one of our instructors commit assault on an innocent man. Since SDTS techniques and tactics are meant for actual combat, they are not be allowed in any sporting event.

I really don’t know what else to say to you other than, next time you step to me, why don’t you have a better suggestion, like if the “SDTS” is so bad ass why don’t you go to Afghanistan and do it there?”

OOPS, too late, we already did that.

Maybe some day when you’re done playing games you can come train with the men.

Of course after you’re professional fight career has come to an end.