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Re: Ignorance


You can use a technique from the SDTS in the ring, but not the system.

The system is designed for combat. I’ll keep it simple for you.

In the Ring:
*2 competitors
*Time and place set
*No weapons
*No intent to kill
*Lethal moves banned
*Guys are same weight
*Guys are healthy (yes sometimes guys fight hurt, Mike Massenzio fought hurt. Yes I know my, my brother is in his camp)
*Both guys know when the fight begins and when it ends

In the street:
*Maybe multiple attackers (you never know you must assume)
*Weapons are there (over 90% in violent assault arrests had a weapon present). Try “grappling” with two or more guys trying to rip your head off.
*Its all in- you’re fighting for your life. When you fight for your life you are AMPED up beyond belief more than any competition you can imagine so only a certain type of technique will work- gross motor movements.
*The guy is usually a lot lager. Being 5’8″ I always mixed it up with guys much bigger than me
*Guys are healthy. Most times you will be sick, tired and dare I say…drunk
*The fight ends when your home or the cavalry arrives.
*The actually fighting starts at the first strike and if you’re up against an experienced street fighter, you better know when you’re being set up and how to turn the tables on him. A good street fighter won’t approach you with his hands up. He will be sneaky and disarm you verbally. As soon as you think its cool, he gets close and its lights out for you.

You can’t compare the two. So that brings me back to my last post. Do you want to train for the street or the ring?