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Re: Ignorance about soldiers


NJScribe, I had a whole long paragraph written for you explaining the whole deal. But the damn electric blinked off for two seconds and the whole thing got wipe clear and I didn’t feel like doing it again. I told Damian go to and and read everything. Then read Destruction of Dresden and Germany Must Perish.

You see I wasn’t in Europe during the war. I have spoken with people who were there. I have spoken with two German men and one German women. The German women was pregnant at the time and she said she was raped 80 times by Russians.

You said that in Germany you can’t question the holocaust. That is the only thing you stated that made sense. The rest you stated because you really don’t understand the whole deal. You understand bits and pieces. Go to those web sites and read every single thing. Then we can talk. Read the books and then we can talk. But right now I would have to go back to 1848 with the Communist Manifesto and explain everyhting to you. I really don’t feel like it. Almost all the time I have to go back and explain the whole deal to someone. But why? I read the books. I’ve spoken with the people, but people like you won’t read shit. You get your info from the TV. So then you start with the stupid stuff like “You might do this in your home, but you wouldn’t do it in the streets”

You think I don’t know what would happen? I’ve been reading this shit for 25 years. I’ve looked at if from all sides. The world has been going straight to hell since WWII.

Now I’ve got to address some of your message. You claimed you knew someone in the National Alliance? Who was it, because I have met a few of them. You say you were involved and then you grew up? Were you in diapers and then grew pubic hair? No, what happened was it might have gotten boring to you. Maybe you discovered hip hop? Maybe this women and you had a falling out. You see whenever someone learns the truth and then goes against what they learned it’s because of a failure in them. You wanted to go to bars and drinks and screw whores. Maybe this woman caught you with dope? I would say something went wrong and now you attack someone who has read more about it and has been to rallies. Did you ever meet Matt Koehl, James Ring, Barbara Layton, Bill and Linda Jones? I was with these people and there was falling outs, but you don’t say screw it and join the enemy. I know one guy that went and stayed with Matt Koehl and did lots of things for them. Then Barabara turned against this guy and started running her mouth. She supposedly had kids with George Rockwell.

I started learning this stuff when I was 19 I went to join the Klan. Five others didn’t show. At this time all I knew was I didn’t like Blacks. IU started reading things. It wasn’t until I was 28 I even learned about Hitler, because the klan tried to distance themselves from Hitler. My friend told me one day about Hitler and I said, Hitler was kind of crazy wasn’t he? He said, it’s all a lie. So I started reading. All I got from my history teacher was the Jews were killed in gas chambers and nothing else.

The difference between me and you is I learned and kept on reading. I never4 grow tired trying to educate people. Why? Because WWII was when evil took control of the world. Right after that we started with drugs, porn and the world went the wrong path.

Today half the girls are lesbians and many guys turn queer, because girls get treated like shit and they say screw guys I will lay down with another women who will love me. This takes many girls out of the equation and it creates more queers which creates more lesbos. On some dating sites half the girls are looking for other girls.

I’ve read all about WWI and WWII. I know the Jews created both of them. They destroyed Europe. Because Europe would not sit back and let the Jews do it freely. I suggest you go to those sites I listed and read some more.

I don’t just blame the Jews I give proof. I give the proof so people like you will learn and inform others. One thing I have tried for a couple years is to get these dissidents to start talking about the millions of mass graves in Eastern Europe. The mass graves they discover every now and then and the Jews take control and hide everything. They did it recently in Odessa, Ukraine.

I wrote a piece and Henry Makow posted it on his web site. The piece at the bottom about what the Communist Jews and mass graves.

“9-11 couldn’t have been some vast Zionist conspiracy, because someone would have talked. Never mind controlled demolitions works differently than what we saw happen, and jet fuel does burn hot enough to melt steel. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how the war is benefiting this secret cabal, but I’m sure you have some answer. Me I would think if this whole underground superpower filled with bankers, communists and intellectuals (those are people who read and go to college) would manage to learn how to win a war. After all according to you they’ve had practice. “

Someone would have talked? Dude, they are talking now you must be living under a rock. Willie Nelson, Jesse Ventura, and tons of experts from around the world. All the dissident web sites have stuff everyday about this. controlled demolitions work differently? All I saw was flashes of bombs going off. Explosives only work one way. They explode, but some have a lot more speed. Jet fuel melts steel? Dude, you just proved you don’t know anything. Do you even know what Jet fuel is? It’s kerosene. It’s not some magical fuel that burns at 5,000 degrees. Look it up. Then take a beem of steel and keep throwing kerosene burning on it for hours and hours. and see if it melts. If you’ve ever used a cutting torch you’ll notice that thick steel it takes a lot of time to make it red with the flame directly applied to the steel. It isn’t until the steel is orange red and you hit the oxygen that it starts to melt. Why? Because the temperature goes from 2,000 degrees to 5,000 degrees in an instant. an open flame won’t burn much hotter than 2,000 degrees. Unless you have oxygen feeding a flame. Just like at Black Smith with something in the coals It will get very hot, but you hit the bellows and add oxygen and it gets a lot hotter. The steel will get white hot. I worked in a Black Smith shop.

In fact take a thin piece of steel about 1/8th inch thick and place under a flame from burning kerosene and see if it melts. It won’t you could add a fan blowing on it, but it won’t work. The metal has to be buried in coals or it has to have the flame and oxygen together like a cutting torch. I’ve worked in a Black Smith shop and a welding shop and I know.

You just proved you thought kerosene was some kind of very hot burning liquid, But it’s just kerosene. Very clean clear kerosene.

The war benefits people who first want a distraction. Second the rich sell war materials.

So explain what kind of falling out you had? Did you put out literature and get into trouble? Did you discover if you talked about it to people they ridiclued you and you noticed you couldn’t have many friends. Sure you’ll experience all this. I’t shard to keep your mouth shut when you learn the truth. You want to spend hours explaining to someone. I used to do it for hours, but what’s the use. Put out literature and let it go. Just like I’m trying to explain it to you and you claim to already have been there. What’s the use. I have spent a lot of time and shouldn’t do it.

All of our lives are affected by what happened in Germany during WWII. If the Germans had whipped the Commies the rest of Europe wouldn’t have had to endure it. Russia and the rest would have been free. The Jews would have lost their grip on this country they gained with the Federal Reserve and the control of educaiton and the control of the media and the control of the banks.

Maybe this doesn’t mean shit to you, but the reason 9/11 hasn’t had the Israelis arrested and George Bush is because the FBI is headed by a Zionist Jew (Chertoff) His is a jew and he took the reigns from Freeh who was also a Jew. Our CIA is headed by another Jew Feinstein I believe is is name. The OSI is headed by a Jew. They are the ones who go after old Eastern Europeans who came here after the war and though they did nothing they are deported to Europe. You got to read about John Demenyak. That poor man the Kikes have really screwed him.

They did this all the same time millions of former Communist Jews walk freely in our counrey and they have murdered people. When they immigrated here they lied on their immigration papers about the Communist party and so they should all be deported. Could a countyr like ours go to hell, because millions of former commies are here? You think?

So if this lady you were associated with and you had sex and she called you short cock or minute man, please don’t take that and use it against us.