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Re: Ignorance about soldiers


LOL…..If you the example of the typical Aryan warrior in the 21st century the Zionist really don’t have much to worry about.

I don’t really care what some ignorant moron has to say about global politics much less conspiracies. You think if you spew enough trash it will some how become true. Some how you’re the enlightened group that really knows what is going on in the world. Now that is funny.

Keep reading, because you clearly don’t understand what the hell you’re talking about. I read all the crap you’re talking about and trust me none of it pans out. Matter of perspective and if your anti-Semite or a bigot it all makes sense to you.

Ah and I think your mistaken about the female situation. I’m sure most women would rather date a girl than be with you, but that doesn’t make them lesbians. Though I always wonder why white supremacists are all most always only guys and they only hang out with guys in the woods. Well one can speculate on that whole gay thing.

Wow I’m shocked to find out you’re a member of the klan. Really smart carrying a torch and a lose fitting robe. Hitler was crazy and most likely would have been found criminally insane, but the morons who followed him like yourself are the dangerous ones. You know better and you still do evil. Well they did you’re just talking on some forum while others actually fight for what they believe in.

As to Val well she’s still out there or doing time. I’m sure if she still is into the life, but I hope she got smarter. I read her literature and the propaganda and it is all very appealing if you put aside common sense.

Also I’m a firefighter and I’m tired of amateurs like you trying to explain your bullshit theories about 9-11. Also watch Penn and Teller’s episode of Bullshit on 911 and the history channel documentary on the conspiracy theories. The poke holes in all of this bull you’re spewing, but wait let me guess they were all put together by Jews right?

I probably wrote some of the literature you marveled at, it is pretty easy if you don’t think when you write it and aren’t to concern with the truth. Oh General Donovan wasn’t Jewish, but if he was the vast majority of OSS not the OSI you moron were white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, but I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll find a Jew somewhere.

So go forth and be secure in this, you’ll lose, and that is always what happens with fanatics with a cause like yours. Might take awhile to get rid of you all, but it will happen, and until it does you’ll go through life as a loser.

All I ask is keep buying the company’s products and if you do show up to one of the training secessions I look forward to showing you what it is really like for a victim.