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Re: Ignorance about soldiers


What a pussy. I was involved in the movement, but I saw the light. Punk let me tell you something. I joined in 1981. I’ve read so much stuff if you started now it would take you five hours a day for the next five years.

You see I have seen it all. What happened to you is you fell in love with puerto Rican or you would tell people what was really going on in the world and not what the TV tells you, but you noticed it is such a minute amount of people who would even care. You noticed it cost you friends. The firemen wouldn’t want you around if you talked such nonsense.

For one you’d lose your job. Maybe your fat girlfriend. I know your family will not want to have anything to do with you if you talk about what’s going on, because it all has to relate to something. WWII has to relate to Hitler and National Socialism. It was not fascism that was Italy.

So I’m wondering how much you really know, because you keep making mistakes. I’ve seen klansmen and Nazis or whatever you want to label them when they are sick and tired of the crap and want to do something. Then after they go to a couple rallies and the fun is over and they have to actually put out literature and use their time, car and gas and then they talk to people and the people call them crap and a freak and then they do like you. They just want the fun lighting crosses.

Maybe you spread the legs on some Sheboon. Maybe you wanted friends more than the truth. Maybe your family said take a hike. Or you’re lazy and don’t want to put out literature. But it’s one of them.

You see people like John Brown and some of the people you see on TV who actually go to help the Blacks are really losers. They lost the will to fight, because they have fewer friends and after a while they figure it’s just easier to take a neutral stance or even go to the liberal side, because the liberals will attack you if they know you’re a person who is a member of anything that goes agains their agenda.

You keep spewing your crap about me, but you were once on this side. Something made you change. Sure you’ll say the stuff is ridiculous. That it’s all lies. What were you so stupid once you followed ignorant stupid people and then you grew a brain?

Dude, I’ve seen it all. I’ve been to klan rallies in Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee and I’ve been to many right wing rallies. I know your kind. “Oh, I was once one your side and I wrotr some of the stuff you idolized.”

Why don’t you spit it out and say why you changed your mind? Was it somethign you read. Somethign someone said? Someone beat you up, because of your views? Because I ain’t buying the crap that all of a sudden we are completely wrong and the lesbos, fags, Blacks, Commies, Mexicans are suddenly right.

You can’t have it both ways. Just say, “I’m a punk and I want friends and it’s just not popular to believe in that stuff. I used to hang around guys with those SS tattoos and the shaved heads and we always got into bullshit. I’m just sick of it NOW leave me alone so I can sit and listen to my hip hop records and go out chillin with my homeys you racist bigot.”

You pathetic piece of crap. Just tell the truth, but don’t go attacking someone who knows way on more than you ever did.

The Blacks cry and the Jews cry, but when you take into account all the wars the past 500 years. All the Whites raped and murdered in the western countries and the millions Communism tortured and killed it’s not even close to who has done the most suffering in the amount of timer and sheer numbers. The Chinese have had to endure Communism the past 50 years and they are second in line to complain.

Yeah, maybe you felt sorry for the Blacks and you just can’t cheer for the Blacks making 20 million to dribble a basketball with Lightning Bolt tattoos.

So if you want to respond tell the real reason you joined the other side? Spit it out boy.

Hitler was an artist. Hitler brought Germany out of the worst depression there ever was. He was responsible for creating the Volkswagon. He put the Germans to work and they bypassed the jewish banks by bartering with other countries, because if money is so inflated it takes a wheelbarrow to buy a loaf of bread what’s it good for? You trade someone a ton of coal for a ton of beef. The Jews got pissed and would have none of it and they started a world war.

The reason a house that used to cost $10,000 in 1940 and now it costs $250,000 is because gold doesn’t back our money anymore. They just print all they want. It becomes worthless. So the house didn’t get more expensive, it just takes lots more of worthless money to buy it.

During times of depression the poor can’t afford anything. The rich it’s no big deal. It’s how they control us. Make our money worthless and wars.