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Re: Ignorance about soldiers


Are there a small group of people who “rule” the world?

Are there a small group of people who run every industry in the world?
You bet your ass!!!

This is how the world works. Every industry and government has leaders and yes decisions are made with out your little input. So instead of whining about it on the internet, what do you plan to do?

What is the next step? Are you mustering troops and purchasing arms to stage a coup?

Are you putting together a production company to take Hollywood by storm?

What is your plan of action?

Oh and one more thing about history and books…(it’s subjective).
History is written by the people with the loudest voice (usually the winners). There is no such thing as absolute history.

There has to come a point in your life where common sense and accountability kicks in. It’s easy to point the finger at another group and blame them for your hard times.

Let’s face the cold hard truth:
1. Even if there was a vast conspiracy, other than whining about it on the net, you are not going to do a damn thing. More important, you are not going to CHANGE a damn thing. I’m know Tim Mcveigh had some big aspirations and I sure as hell think Binladen and Co had a plan as well. But life goes on and the machine keeps on grinding it out.
2. History and facts are shaped by the people responsible for writing it. For every point there’s a counter point and the debate goes on. At the end of the day, it’s mental masturbation and serves a distraction. MAYBE that information is meant to distract you while evil forces run the world!!!
3. The few will always govern the many. This is how shit gets done. If everyone had a voice and an equal opinion this place would turn into a “Lord of the Flies” remake real quick. Shit, I’d probably sell a lot more systems!!

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