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Re: Ignorance about soldiers


1. All armed forces have internet access and receive mail regularly so communication with them is quite easy.
2. Who will fund the war? We need taxes to fund our fighting. Taxes come from businesses. If we all decided to enlist, who will make the weapons, clothing, food and supplies needed to fight?
3. Soldiers DON’T chose where they fight, they chose to serve. May that’s a good reason to thank them.
4. It is a fact, Israel is an ally. But maybe because they are a democracy in a sea of totalitarian governments. But hey, you may be right, how can you not love the Jews? They’re just so darn quirky and cute. Hell, I loved Seinfeld, they must all be like that.
5. Maybe I should hop the next plane out of here and go shoot me some Arabs! Or I should just continue to train active military for FREE. I don’t know, your suggestion is compelling.
6. It’s hard, my 5 year old can barely hold the M16A2, but my 8 year old is a crack shot! I just hope they can pass he height requirement.
7. Where was the depleted uranium from? Were they setting up a nuclear plant or…WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION
8. If they all lied, how did we get depleted uranium in the water?
9. Yes, because we do not live in a global economy and events in the outside world have no real baring on our daily lives. Please look at your desk in the basement of your mom’s house and tell me how many items were made in the US?
10. This would make the troops ignorant not dumb because they have no input as to where or why they fight (see your point number 3.)
11. Thanks, I wish.
12. That’s true, but it’s really been longer than that! Check out what Thomas Jefferson did as Secretary of State in 1790.
13. Those pesky Jews again, don’t they ever learn? Heck, a bomb vest is a fashion statement, not an act of war.
14. Is Israel in the US? Your point number 9 and I quote “We have no reason to have troops anywhere, but on our fucking soil.” Then you say “We should have troops in two places. In Israel and on our Southern border.” So which is it? Troops stay home or not? I guess if we’re oppressing and killing Jews it’s OK to bend the rules.
First off I have read more about The Boer Wars, WWI, WWII than you will read about in Karate magazines. I know how bad we were robbed in those wars.
1 Soldiers have to do what they are told. If they learned the truth and it sunk in they would go AWOL by the thousands. Because when you go to a country and destroy it for no reason, then what difference does it make if you get a dishonorable discharge.
2 Those ignorant pilots that dumped hundreds of tons of bombs on German women and children and completely leveled all those German cities. They sit in their VFW sucking down cheap beer and still don’t have a clue they killed millions of women and children by bombing cities. I believe many relatives learn the truth, but don’t have the heart to tell them.
3 Dude, you don’t know why we are having all this trouble in the Middle East. When they commit the next 9/11 all of our soldiers will be gone and they are going to send in U.N. troops. A Russian or Chinese soldier won’t give a shit about the people in this country. The government figures our troops won’t turn against it’s own people. It makes sense when was the last war we had against Englsh speaking people? This is going to happen.
4 Israel is an ally? Dude, go read about the Lavon Affair and The U.S.S. Liberty and get back with me. PLEASE! read something God damn it! Jews created Communism and no doubt killed some of your ancestors. In fact they have done so much against this country I will only list one. They committed 9/11. If you want I’ll explain.
5 No what you could do is learn the truth. Talking to you is just like talking to someone who gets all their info from TV. Has the TV told you about all the Iraqi deformed kids or the ground water poisoned with depleted uranium? Google: Iraqi deformed babies.
6 I don’t know how old your kids. But just keep telling them to watch the Jewish TV with all the fags shit they push and lesbos and then when they get 18 they’ll be so fucked up you can tell them the Arabs are bad and Jews are good and to go get them ragheads.
7 This is good. Where is the depleted uranium from? It is used in our munitions and armor on tanks and armored personnel carriers. It is 1.5 times heavier than lead. When one of our shells blows up the shit goes everywhere like bits of sand. Dude, with that one you really proved how much you know. So I expect an apology and maybe…sorry types sheepishly, because just learned about even what depleted uranium was. Thought it must of been from their weapons. Once again I apologize.
8 The depleted urnaium runs into the streams, rivers, and seeps into the ground. Their ground water is fucked up and we are responsible. Just like the napalm in Vietnam the govenrment tried to hide for a long time.
12 Actually James Monroe said hands of any conflicts outside our hemisphere.
13 Poor Jews? Go back and read 3 again.
14 Your problem guy is you are so liberal and you don’t know much. Where did depleted uranium come from? Killing and opressing Jews? They created Communism and killed 65 million Eastern Europeans. The fact is after WWII millions came to this country and they neglected to tell the immigration people they were members of the Communist party. This means every single one should be deported. Maybe you don’t care about Commies who have murdered innocent people by the millions walking in your country, but it concerns me.
So, first…Please, go learn about the depleted uranium. Then go read about what the Jews have done. Here’s one site you can learn.
When you respond tell us why there was a Boer War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea and Iraq. I say it again, we should have troops on our soil and Israel. The reason I say Israel, because whenever they start trouble the speculators raise the price of oil. The world burns over a trillion gallons of gas every year. If it raises the price of gas $1 a gallon for just three months you can see the cost to the world, because fuel affects everything and everywhere.
I don’t want to get in an argument about Israel, because I know you would say it was their land 2,000 years ago. Yeah, let everyone go back 2,000 years and demand their land back after it was lost in battle. We would be heading back to Europe. That probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.