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Re: Ignorance about soldiers


I’ve read books written by Chruchill, Hitler, Goebbels, Stalin, Patton and I’ve read every single piece of information at Now just go to those sites and consider the books Ive read and I’ve read every single piece of info at those sites. Just go to and just look at all the subjects and you’ll say fluck that dude is well read. You see the Jews control the media, government, banks and education in our country and it’s why we never get the truth.
Maybe the fact we attacked a country for nothing and then destroyed their land and have basically made it inhabitable for 500 years doesn’t bother you. But you cry for people who created Communism and stole Palestine. Oh wait…you’ll probably say, hey they are semites and they owned the land 2,000 years ago. But Russians Jews aren’t Semitic. Only Spanish Jews the ones who during the Spanish Inquisition hauled arse to Holland. This is why this place has legal drugs and legal prostitution.
Now some people might say nothing wrong with legal prostitution, but I bet it would cost you about $200 to frig one of them. So all it does is bring a lot of people who want to frig. I can bet you this means there are a lot of women who do it illegally for $50. Making it legal solves no problems, because most local yocals aren’t going to pay $200 for some pussy. My ex-wife I could ahve made a fortune letting her fuck and suck. Another missed opportunity.