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Re: Ignorance about soldiers


OK, dude you want to be civil, then ok, but I have to say you would be the first person that went from acting ignorant to actually asking questions. I’m intrigued.

Bradley Smith asks the people who ask this…what is the holocaust? I’ll explain. You have to go back to the beginning. The Jews always hated the Russians, because the Russians like everyone else got sick and tired of their business practices since time began. So the Czar said they had to stay beyond the pale and couldn’t practice business in St., Petersburg and Moscow. It pushed them almost out of Russia. Great! If you can tell the difference between a Ukraine and a Russian you win a prize. So this pissed the Jews off. So thye were assassinating Russians and startign shit. It wasn’t until the 1905 war between Japan and Russia. The Jews gave the Japs money and, but not the Russians. So the Russians lost. The Jews tried their revolution. It failed. Where did they go? Why to Germany and the USA.

Then a Jew assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and his wife. The Austrians wanted the Serbs to hand over the Jew who killed them, but you can bet the Jews were involved. So they said fuck you. So then all then Austria had a pact signed with Germany, so the sides started squaring off. The Jews finally had what they wanted. They got things going to a war. The Russians fought for a while, but they just wanted to take control of Russia Lenin went to New York and got 20 million dollars from Jacob Schiff. (His Grandson is married to Al Gore’s daughter). Anyhow Lenin and 225 Jews from New York left to go to Russia to overthrow the government. They went into Germany and the Germans gave them safe passage. They wanted to take Russia out of the war. Oh, how this came to bite them later. Yeah we’ll just pawn the Jews off onto our enemies, but they also have white faces. Anyhow Lenin took Russia out of the war. Germany was entrenched with the French and the German U boats had the English within a week of starvation. So Germany offered England peace. They said, let’s go back to the way things were before the war and England was about to agree, but a Jew named Balfour stepped in and they said, fuck the Germans. If you promise us Palestine we’ll drag America into the war. So it was done. The war could have been over, but the Jews started working on Woodrow Wilson. So they declared war on Germany for the sinking of the Lusitania and also another ships had been sunk in the English Channel. But we were supplying England with munitions, so they were right in sinking the ship. So they went to war and Germany lost.

But here’s the kicker. During the treaty signing at Versailles the Jews came and they said OK you got to keep your promise. The Germans said you common bastards, because of you we lost the war and had to say we were responsible. They didn’t liek the Jews much.

Then you have WWII that had to start because Germany was starving. The only difference was by WWII they have created better tanks, planes and bombs. This is how they compelltely destroyed all the German cities and the death toll was 7 times higher.

The camps were used to put the Jews to work. Some where just transfer stations. Auschqitz was a rubber plant. The fact is the camps have been examined by numerous people and they all found conclusively gas chambers were not used there and they couldn’t have been based on how the camps were designed. You have to remember the Jews took thirty years after WWII to cry holocaust. Why? Because thye spent 30 years going around killing all the SS men and Red Cross nurses. You couldn’t have thosuands of eyewtinesses calling the Jews liars, so eliminate them.
So the answer is no the holocaust is a hoax. In fact I’ve offered to challenge and Jew to a televised debate and they won’t do it. Why debate it when all you have to do is make movies about it and we know movies are never wrong.