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Re: Ignorance about soldiers


9/11 was committed by the Israeli MOssad. They were the ones pretending to be Arabs going around to flight schools and going around and dropping clues leading to Arabs. Larry Silverstein leased the trade towers seven weekes prior to 9/11. Why did the port authority lease them to him? The fact is the trade towers were full of asbestos. It had to be removed. At a cost of mega millions. Actually it would have been better to demolish them. So this Silverstein leased the towers and along with the Isralei MOssad they told the other Jews in the buidling what they were going to do. So two Israeli companies who had been there for years hauled arse. They laced the towers with explosives. These dudes knew what they were doing. They ahd thermite in the building and high power cutter charges. The dynamite was set of with remote control. If you look at the videos you can see the explosives going off and the buildings coming down.
You might ask why. 9/11 did a lot of things. 1 Larry Silverstein was paid 3.5 billion. 2 The president already had the Patriot ACt written up and ready. In a vault in the trade towers was several tons of gold that vanished. The reason they took out tower seven was in that building was all the information for the Enron investigation. IRS evidence against rich Jews and other paper work.
So they take out the towers, blame Arabs, many CIA made millions shorting stock on those airlines and the government got their plan in place for martial law the very next time something happens. So 9/11 was staged by the Israeli Mossad and our government conveniently cleared out of Washington(George Bush had to be at that school that morning) George Bush should be hanged.

The fact is the Israeli Mossad are the ones who have blown all the planes out of the sky the last 40 years and they always blame the Arabs. The Israelis took out flight TWA 800. Jews don’t care about anyone. Did they care about all the German babies and women killed in the German cities? Did they care about the Japanese killed with the atomic bomb?

IN Roswell I have heard things that I will say, but I don’t even believe. I have heard from credible people and you might want to sit down for this…They say that there are reptillians on our planet and they are under the Denver airport and that the FBI had a shoot out with them. But like I say I don’t even believe that. But there are some people who claim we have contact with aliens. They say their are aliens on this planet. But the government doesn’t want us to know, because we might have civil unrest. But I’m not buying it. I believe out there the government was using that area to test aircraft and they have advanced aricraft. When they tell us about something it was created ten years ago.
In fact our ,ilitias have waited too long. They let the govenrment perfect their weapons. These militia think they can take on the governemnt, but they have acosutic weapons, lasers, micro wave weapons and they claim they can even see through the walls of your home and we know they have heat seeking vision.
Kennedy had many enemies. The mafia because of the casinos closed in Cuba. The Jews mainly because he was going to issue money backed by gold. This is what got Mckinley, Garfield and Lincoln shot. So my guess is it was the Jews. The mafia if you’ll notice the government always takes them out. Oswald didn’t shoot Kennedy. I’ve seen a photo of Oswald standing in the front doorway as Kennedy’s limo passed by. He was a patsy. He knew he was being set up and he hauled arse. I have ehard many theories. But I beleive Kennedy was shot from the storm drain. You see the limo driver was told to slow down at that spot. They had other shooters. But that’s my guess. The mafia hated Kennedy, but they can’t even kill Cops when the heat is on. They know not to kill Cops, so you think they can kill a president? I don’t think so. Only Jews kill presidents. In fact Booth was a Jew.