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Re: Ignorance about soldiers


Mr. Kickassntakenames, thank you for taking the time to share your insights with the rest of the world. We can tell you are just a serious as your name implies.

There is a lot here so I just want to be clear.

1. We shouldn’t thank soldiers because they can’t hear us
2. We all should go to the front lines instead
3. Soldiers don’t choose where they fight
4. Everyone in the US government have a great affection towards people of the Jewish faith
5. I should pack up my shotgun and 9mm and go to the front lines
6. I should send my 8 and 5 year old children to fight in the war
7. The water in Iraq is contaminated with depleted Uranium
8. George Bush, Tony Blair, and every major power lied in order for us to get into the Iraq war.
9. We should remain isolationist when it comes to our foreign policy
10. The troops are dumb because they fight for drugs, oil and the CIA
11. You make millions ( I know you meant I make millions, but that’s not how it’s written)
12. Our troops have been placed in every war for the last 100 years
13. Israeli troops target and attack innocent people
14. We should have out troops on he southern border and in Israel

I have outlined your taking points below for discussion.

1. All armed forces have internet access and receive mail regularly so communication with them is quite easy.
2. Who will fund the war? We need taxes to fund our fighting. Taxes come from businesses. If we all decided to enlist, who will make the weapons, clothing, food and supplies needed to fight?
3. Soldiers DON’T chose where they fight, they chose to serve. May that’s a good reason to thank them.
4. It is a fact, Israel is an ally. But maybe because they are a democracy in a sea of totalitarian governments. But hey, you may be right, how can you not love the Jews? They’re just so darn quirky and cute. Hell, I loved Seinfeld, they must all be like that.
5. Maybe I should hop the next plane out of here and go shoot me some Arabs! Or I should just continue to train active military for FREE. I don’t know, your suggestion is compelling.
6. It’s hard, my 5 year old can barely hold the M16A2, but my 8 year old is a crack shot! I just hope they can pass he height requirement.
7. Where was the depleted uranium from? Were they setting up a nuclear plant or…WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION
8. If they all lied, how did we get depleted uranium in the water?
9. Yes, because we do not live in a global economy and events in the outside world have no real baring on our daily lives. Please look at your desk in the basement of your mom’s house and tell me how many items were made in the US?
10. This would make the troops ignorant not dumb because they have no input as to where or why they fight (see your point number 3.)
11. Thanks, I wish.
12. That’s true, but it’s really been longer than that! Check out what Thomas Jefferson did as Secretary of State in 1790.
13. Those pesky Jews again, don’t they ever learn? Heck, a bomb vest is a fashion statement, not an act of war.
14. Is Israel in the US? Your point number 9 and I quote “We have no reason to have troops anywhere, but on our fucking soil.” Then you say “We should have troops in two places. In Israel and on our Southern border.” So which is it? Troops stay home or not? I guess if we’re oppressing and killing Jews it’s OK to bend the rules.

I want to thank you for your post. It is eye opening and you’re right. Time to pack up the kids and the arsenal and catch the next AIR AMERICA charter out of here. It is clear you are an extremely intelligent and enlightened person.

Thank you,
Damian or would you prefer “AZZKICKER” or something like that?