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Mr. kickasstakennames,

I am speechless. Never before have I read such a clear, brilliant articulation of pure, crystalline truth. You are an intellect such as I have never encountered before and, frankly, I am deeply humbled to be in the presence of so overwhelming cerebral wattage.

As I gingerly scrolled through the hallowed screen space containing what can only be described as the writings of an oracle I was reminded of watching the movie “Watchmen.”

You keep kickin ass, Mr. Kickasstakennames, and don’t for a second hesitate to add as many names to that list as you can.

One thought: I think maybe you meant to spell it “takinnames” instead of “takennames.” “takinnames” would imply that you’re taking names for your list of ass to kick. “takennames” implies names that have already been taken. If they’ve already been taken, it’s going to be difficult for you to take them as well. That might be tricky. But perhaps you feel a sense of duty to reclaim those taken names for your own. Well, godspeed my friend, and you go get those damn name takers. Give em hell.