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kickassntakenames wrote:
We must thank those ignorant soldiers who stormed Normandy. If they said fuck it those Germans are White and they are trying to destroy Communism and protect Europe, then maybe the Germans could have gotten down to business and destroys Communism. Then Communism wouldn’t have taken the rest of the land clean to Germany and all the way to China. Thanks to those ignorant fucks at Normandy 15 more million civilian Germans died. Two million more German soldiers died after the war. Then we had Vietnam and Korea to contend with. The Commie bastards tried to take control of America.
Soldiers are not brave. Soldiers are dumb. If they knew we were destroying Germany so Communism would stay around another 50 years or if they knew we were fighting for oil and opium and just shit the CIA starts would they still fight? Fuck no.
I can tell you this. If Germany and France were in different places the Commies would have taken all of Europe. There was over a million Russians who fought with the Germans.
But so many idiots in this world think one man could convince a whole country to fight a war just for something to do. All the idiots think WWII was about a country taking on the most advanced countries for nothing. Our citizens are dumb and don’t even know what goes on in their own country let alone in the world. Our country is controlled by evil bastards. Only evil bastards would allow food companies to put so much junk in our food. Or put fluoride in our water. The English have lots of fluoride in their water and it’s why their teeth are so fucked up.[/quote:29ponq52]

[i:29ponq52]Wow what a deranged argument to make, but I will concede one point. We should have started killing communists right after we finished killing fascists. I mean your both socialist scum after all. Oh a few shades different, but you make better fertile than you do people. Should have been take Berlin than on to Moscow. Recruiting all the anti-communist freedom fighters along the way. Seeing a dead German soldier by a burn blood flag is truly a beautiful site.[/i:29ponq52]