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you read it wrong. All I know is what I read. But you’ll notice this one guy doesn’t have a clue. I mean we went to Germany and got involved in a war we were tricked into. The Germans did not come here and attack us. It pisses me off when guys who don’t have a clue will attack me. I don’t just talk. I repeat what I’m told. One thing is clear. After WWI the Commies took Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. We sat back and let them kill those people by the millions. Our government will say they didn’t know. Hey, the government knows everything. They have spies and they have double agents and believe nothing gets by them.

Then Germany is starving and the rearm and they fight another war and we get tricked into that war. Then after that we sit back and let the Commies take the rest of central Europe. Then we fly food into Berlin after we have destroyed them. Why did we allow the Commies to put a wall in Berlin? We could have kicked the Commies arses in no time.

Can anyone explain how we enter a war and then just sit back and let the Commies do as they wanted. Remember the first Iraq war. Iraq went into Kuwait to take back land stolen from them by Britain. They took the land and then set up a pupet government to get that huge oil field. But we sat back and just let the Commies murder millions. Now if you say, but Commies have no country to answer to and so USA couldn’;t become involved. But what about in 1956 when the Hungarians revolted and the Russian tanks went into Hungary?

When two countries go to war they always have animosity. These idiots want to talk about Germany and claim they are sych a warmongering country, but they don’t know Germany has fought far fewer wars than any countyr in Europe. Unlike England, France and Spain who have fought countless wars.

Dude, concede one thing. Concede that you need to read something. I say the Germans are the best people in Europe. The Germans aren’t like the Brits, French and Americans who send troops to occupy other countries.

I wouldn’t say too much. There isn’t one country that could take on the Germans single handed. Not even the USA. Maybe 50 years ago, but now we have so many Blacks and Mexicans that we are screwed.

The thing is the Germans fought a war will valor and didn’t use trickery and lies like the USA and their phony Pearl Harbor. The USA had to work to decipher their secret code sending machine. They did it to the Japs.

This country is the only country that defends Israel. It’s not because Israel is right, it’s because Israel rules us. I wish when Israel does something that nobody said anything. Just let Israel do as they wish until the whole world has had enough and they blow and send nukes to those bastards. The Israelis could live anywhere. I don’t know why they didn’t take Madagascar. I’m sure there is plenty of room in Khazaria or Turkmenistan.

To the dude that wants to attack me. Have you read anything? Where did you acquire your hatred for the best people in Europe? Maybe we can help you out. I’m trying to educate you.