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Damian, if you read this I want you to know everything I write you can check for yourself. This jerk off that keeps commenting has never read more than the reader’s Digest and should be banned for malicious ignorance. This guy got burned by a german girl or he ate some bad veinerschnitzel. To degrade the best people in Europe who went through so much to defend Europe from Communism.

God you wouldn’t have even made a good Nazi. Even they had standards, and by the way they capitalize German. I take it they came up with that Master Race concept when your people left the country. Your “analysis” of war and politics is so flawed that I don’t even know where to begin.

I like Alex Jones who at least makes an effort to do his research and comes to some conclusions that at least theoretically are possible. You on the other hand are an example of what happens when you do drugs while reading a history book. Take my advice and leave the forum before you embarrass yourself more. I understand David Duke has moved to Russia. I suggest you do the same.