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Heh, call me simple-minded but poor people don’t hire anyone.

[quote:h1bqybto]To me the answer has always been simple: get the money into the hands of the ones who know what to do with it.[/quote:h1bqybto]

The funny thing about your statement was that Jesus said *exactly* the same thing. He told a parable where the guy who didn’t use the one talent he was given lost it to the guy who’d turned his five talents into ten talents. Whoa, what kind of redistribution is that?

After all, if you want to invest money, you’re gonna give it to the guy who can multiply it. No – correction – the guy who *will* multiply it. We all *can.*

God’s first admonishment to mankind – to Adam at creation, and to Noah after the flood – was to be fruitful and *multiply.* God has basically commanded us to prosper and invest the abilities and resources He’s given us to grow them into even more.

God has commanded all of us to get rich. Literally. You cannot multiply without prospering.

People who are not multiplying are violating their divine charter, and they are violating their very function and purpose. We are expected to invest.

Whatever area of one’s life is in decline is an area that hasn’t been *invested* in. Bad marriage? Bad investment. Bad health? Bad investment. Broke? Bad investment.

I have a saying, “whatever does not multiply dies.” There is no neutral ground. You are either multiplying or dying. Period.

This kind of thing is why I like reading the Bible – the most brilliant document ever conceived – for myself. I mean, the genius that’s in there is breathtaking, if you don’t let religion screw your head up. I believe that every single issue or problem that could possibly exist is addressed somewhere in it’s sacred pages. A lot of people get rich ripping off the Bible and repackaging it. The Alchemist. The Secret. Most New Age philosophy, which is basically just the Bible minus Jesus and moral absolutes. I came to realize that every other religion rips off the Bible. Then they just add a bunch of other crap.

It is glaringly apparent that God not only expects us to multiply and prosper, but He has explicitly *commanded* us to multiply and prosper.

This means to me that there is no such thing as a bad economy. There is *never* an excuse for not multiplying.

That’s the danger of the Left, of Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, and whatever else you want to call it; it is an ideology of excuses for failure.

Some people will get really annoyed that I like quoting the Bible a lot. But you jackasses might notice that I don’t quote it to knock you down and topple you over with guilt, but to build you up and inspire you to kick some frickin ass! The Bible’s a book of liberation, not condemnation. The only reason it mentions all the negatives like sin and judgment and so forth is to highlight one’s need for liberation. And we’ve all got thought patterns, and habits we need liberation from. A solution is the liberation of a problem. Simple as that. It’s a book of solutions.

I tend to be pretty enthusiastic about unmolested truth, whether I find it in the Good Book, or in the SDTS.

And finally, Mr. Ross, I must most sincerely demand an update on the whole asshole puckering thing. That should be a whole separate area of the forum. Possible title: “What Makes Your Asshole Pucker?”