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The notion of opportunity vs. outcome is right on the money. Everyone “legally” has the same opportunity. And yes, the rich and powerful operate among themselves. This is the same reason pro athletes, single moms and stay at home dads tend to hang out with one another: they have a lot in common. The rich operate in the same social circles. This is where deals are made. This is life.

My asshole puckers when I hear terms like “level the playing field” or “estate tax”. Because I’ve got news for everyone: any good real estate planner, lawyer and accountant can circumvent the estate tax. When politicians set their sites on the rich it is only lip service. The only thing that happens is lawyers, accountants and brokers get paid, not you. In this country, the more $$$ in the hands of the rich and factories get built and jobs get created.

Redistribution of wealth through heavy taxes NEVER WORKS. You do not want your fate decided by a group of people who are only accountable once every four years. There’s a reason why most state governments and our federal govt is in debt.

To me the answer has always been simple: get the money into the hands of the ones who know what to do with it. Sound a little REAGANOMICS? well, it is and in spite of what we have been fed…it worked.

There will always be haves and have-nots. If you’re smart, resourceful and a little lucky you will be a “have”.