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It is my opnion and from my exstensive experience. That it really comes down to what you are looking to accomplish…ultimately. Your number one priority for training?

Do you want to train for competition, money trophies and women? Well anything from wrestling to MMA is what ya want to do.

Do you want to train for exercise and self improvement? any of the Do’s will work for this from Karate-Do to Aikido.

Do you need to be able to survive on the streets? A 1 am home invader? or do ya have a action career like myself? Well then ya need to train and focus on a reputable RBSD system and SDCTS is one of the few.

It really is that easy and complicated :D Personally I enjoy the Do’s and the sport stuff but I am at a point in my life where I cant be bothered with it. Self Defense is and has always been my number 1 priority.

Could I do my RBSD stuff as well as well as some olmpic TKD or Judo? Yep I sure could but lets say I do them 3 hours a week…Is the minimum amount of time ya would want to spend. Well thats thre hours I could have been training on something that could ACTUALLY save my life.

The Do ‘s have some good tecniques of course. Edge of Hand and Chin Jab being two of them for example. The problem with the average Dojo is that there applications and tactics pretty much suck and are unrealistic and from what I can tell from my own experience that alot there stuff has non REALLY ever been tested. Its pretty obvious least to me.

As far as it being tested on acient battle fields that is a bunch of crap. Did they train it? sure just like a modern soldier. How much was it actually applied on the field? I would say very little. Anyone who knows anything about close combat knows that your empty hands and other body weapons are THE LOWEST form of self defense. ya will want to use a weapon if at all possible. And the ancient warriors walked on the field with WEAPONS IN THERE HANDS. Usually a couple just like modern warriors. So how often it was used prolly not alot but some. Is where they was developed ww2 combatives but over the time the SIFUs and Senseis anded a bunch of crap that was never tested and those teacher had never been in a real fight. So they taught crap!

Least this is what happened in my best guest. All I know is I have stood in many Dojos over the years and have seen ALOT of shit that will get ya hurt and I have had to bite my tongue to many times out of respect. So I dont think Ill darken there door again in hopes of Self Defense. maybe for trophies or women or to help my kids but never in the hopes of self defense.