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Re: Is Studying Martial Arts A Waste Of Time?

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Both excellent responses and are both correct:

Martial arts at its core is not for self defense. If you look at the foundation of all major martial arts, their purpose was for national pride and culture. Self defense is no the primary purpose. Training in self defense is about simple skills and tactics. Martial arts focuses on goals and community.

Mad Dog brings up two excellent points. First you train how you will react. Habits are just that and you will fall back on your training, good or bad. But he does offer a REALISTIC solution if you are embedded in martial arts training: simply apply the mindset of the SDTS to your training. Always seek to end the fight as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this is not easy to do. BTW, right on with the BOGU!!! No sparring, just bursts!

1% is right in that if you’re goal is self defense, don’t waste your time. I can’t agree more. Self defense is a skill, not a style. You don’t need a Black Belt, just what works. The first questions martial artists ask each other is “How long have you been training?” We used to ask the same question when we were kids. Longer = better. This is not true. If you spent decades training in the WRONG method, well, you’re far worse off than the person who spent weeks in the right one. The only thing you have going for you is YOUR WILL to dedicate years to your art.

Reality Based Self Defense practitioners fall into this trap. You will hear guys say the same stuff. How long did you do this, or how long did you do that. We have one simple rule, if it is instinctive and convulsive I don’t care if you spent 5 minutes or five years- the result is what matters.

I have coached and trained a fair amount of people, I can show the same thing to a group, some get it right away, some take a little more time.

If you’re looking for self defense, don’t look to martial arts. If you invested years in your art, you have no choice but to adapt your skill set.

It all depends on time and needs. Most adults just want self defense, and that’s what we give them.

Great posts.